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About Ally

over 10 years experience
Your Tantra Trainer

As a Tantra Teacher since 2009, Ally nows run one of Australia’s leading Tantra business in Brisbane and Adelaide teaching and pleasuring hundreds of cleints around Australia about Tantra, using Tantra massage techniques. Since 2010 she has successfully been a Tantra Teacher, and taught, inspired and mentored many men and women to do tantra massage and have a Tantra Pleasure Experience personally and as a business. She have read and studied many books, attended courses and seminars, practiced with friends and lovers, always wanting to learn and experience more about Tantra. People asked her to teach them. So she became a Tantra Teacher.

  • Ally has had over 20 years studying and learning about Tantra. And over 10 years teaching Men Women and Couples about Tantric energy and how to use it.

  • Experience in public speaking, holding workshops, playshops seminars. From 1 hours 1-1 sessions, 4 hour group sessions to 3 day Tantra training, Ally enjoys creating a safe space for one person or many to relax, recharge and change.

  • People often say that Ally is authentic, real and practical in her advice, coaching and Training. She is down-to-earth and honest in her support and non-judgmental with love

  • Ally's heart energy is huge, and she willingly shares it in her trainings, giving unconditional love to all that are open to receiving it.


Ally's Team


Tantra Trainer, Practitioner, Teacher and Masseuse
Ally Thomas first learnt how to massage in a massage “parlour” in Auckland, New Zealand. Since then she has learnt many massage modalities. Ally was attuned for Reiki in Adelaide in 1996. In 2010 she did Kahuna massage training in Brisbane. Variety is the spice of life! My teacher experience started with Fresh Start with Katie Pratt in Sydney, continued with “Train the Trainer” in Adelaide in 1995 when I taught people how to use computer programs. After many years of Spiritual training with Inner Peace Movement (IPM) in New Zealand and Australia, doing many spiritual courses, seminars and retreats with Peace Community Church, Americana Leadership College, I was a qualified a Spiritual Counsellor, Peace Community Church (a spiritual church without walls) Teacher and Americana Leadership College Course Presenter. With IPM I learnt how to see auras, and feel and sense other peoples energies separately from my own, how to heal using spiritual energy, and I lead and facilitated spiritual groups and courses, teaching people about many spiritual topics experientially. From 1998 I have been involved with the Human Awareness Institute, who run Love Intimacy and Sexuality Workshops. Firstly as a participant and then on ‘team’, as a volunteer Assistant and Small Group Leader. I facilitated Reunions in Queensland from 2006 to 2010. I am a Licensed Avatar Master and Wizard, and I facilitated many Avatar Resurfacing Playshops and interned and assisted on team and ‘behind the scenes’ at Avatar 9 day Courses from 2000-2003 in Australia. After extensive training with Christopher Howard and Universal Events Training in 2007 and 2008, I graduated as a Personal Results Coach and Trainer certified in Neurological Repatterning, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Ericksonian Hypnosis and Trance. I also graduated as a qualified NLP Master Coach and Trainer in Hawaii in 2009. I am still learning about Tantra, as it’s an ongoing way of life, as a Tantra Teacher for men and women couples. I have also facilitated Couples Tantra Playshops in Australia and presented at Sexuality and Spirituality Conference in New Zealand. In both 2011 and 2014 I participated in the Urban Tantra Practitioner Training with Barbara Carrellas in Sydney. I have done many courses with different Tantra Teachers including Margot Anand, Kerry and Diane Riley. My Tantra Massage is where you will find more information about my services. I was told when I left school that I would be a great teacher, and now I have realized that prediction!