3 bad mistakes Bodyworkers make when starting their new business

3 fatal mistakes aspiring Bodyworkers make and how to avoid them

Avoid the mistakes most new Bodyworkers make – explode your passion, pleasure and business profits.

  • Bored with massage or bodywork? Want to add another modality to your services?
  • Want to know more about tantra, sacred sexuality and how to give more pleasure?
  • Increase your income from bodywork and massage

I can inspire, teach and coach you how to monetise your existing modality or business, and add on Tantra Massage sessions

What are the 3 mistakes?

  1. Not enjoying what you do and not feeling Passionate about it
  2. Not knowing about tantra and sacred sexuality and how to give Pleasure
  3. Giving bodywork sessions for free or cheap (not valuing yourself and your healing gift) so not making Profits and Income from bodywork and massage

3 Solutions:

  1. Inspire you to love what you, give a good light-worker service, feel committed to your purpose to help raise the awareness of people to help held them and the world
  2. Learn about tantra, sacred sexuality, spiritual energy orgasms, the importance of breathing, how to pleasure men, women and couples using tantra and sensual massage
  3. Coaching in self worth, valuing your Self and your talents and services. How to advertise, promote and make bookings easily. Systems of paperwork and record-keeping.

Ignite your flame of giving pleasure with passion and giving and receiving unconditional love in spiritual service.

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Pleasure Passion and Profits from your Tantra Massage business

 Is Tantra Massage the right business for you?

Wanted: women who want to be trained as Tantra Practitioners, Tantra Teachers, to give sensual tantra massage, coaching and education in sexual education for men, women and couples around Australia now! Find your pleasure passion and profits today

  • Are you open minded, sensual, non judgmental and passionate about learning more and teaching people about tantra and sexual education?
  • Do you already do massage, healing, yoga and want to add another modality to your service?
  • Do you want to start a new spiritual energy healing business in sacred sexuality?
  • Want one on one training at your clinic, home or local area?
  • And be able to pay off your investment easily and quickly?

Imagine being able to educate and support others to merge their spirit and sensuality in a blissful union that can change their whole way of being….
and being paid for the pleasure of it!

You’ve come to the right place – Tantra Training Academy

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  • How to set up your own Tantra Massage business
  • Certificate for each Module
  • Full training and Workbook provided
  • Tantra Massage for you included
  • Your own page on my website
  • Referrals from your local area
  • Business training provided if necessary.
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Tantra training for pleasure passion and profits with Tantra Training Academy Tantra training for pleasure passion and profits with Tantra Training Academy Tantra training for pleasure passion and profits with Tantra Training Academy

Tantra training for pleasure passion and profits with Tantra Training Academy Tantra training for pleasure passion and profits with Tantra Training Academy

For pleasure passion and profits, to share your healing energy and love… to men women and couples