20 October, 2015

Tantra Teacher

TANTRA TEACHER TRAINING – EmeraldTantra Training Academy

Tantra Teacher Training is for your own Tantra Business, especially if you already have a massage business or you have done TTA Ruby modules.
Emerald level includes all Ruby modules plus How to give Advanced Tantra Massage Sessions for Men Women and Couples.

* Training over 3 months, Manual, 100 hours practice, 1 month weekly coaching then 2 months fortnightly coaching. Affiliate and Referral opportunities and more…
* Tests and Exam
* Tantra Teacher Diploma on completion.

Emerald Tantra Practitioner Training is AUD$6497.00*.

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After 30 sessions (approximately 30 hours) practice, (and a good ROI) you can learn the advanced sessions

Module 5: Advanced Tantra sessions for Men by Women – how to give Tantra Pleasure sessions: 2  – Rainbow Chakras, 3 – Honouring the Goddess, 4  – Aligning Chakras; to men.

Module 6: Advanced Tantra sessions for Women – how to give Tantra Sensual Massage sessions: 2 – Spiritual Energy Orgasm; 3 – Vibrations of Energy; 4 – Advanced Exotic Breath and Energy Techniques; to women.

Module 7: Couples Tantra sessions. How to give advanced Couples sessions 2 – Chakra Energy Orgasms; 3 – Yab Yam, Kama Sutra and energy breathing; 4 – Yoni and Lingam strokes.

Emerald Advanced Practitioner level is AUD$3550 for each Emerald Module.


  1. Modules 5 6 and 7 are open to men as well as women.
  2. Each module is approximately 12-15 hours and can be done over 2 or 3 days, depending on your availability.
  3. Each Module is one-one, individually customised for you, your background and circumstances.
  4. You will need to find 3 or 4 models for training and practice.
  5. If you would like to do just Modules 2 and 6 for Women or Modules 1 and 5 for Men, 3 and 7 for Couples – your investment will be $5547 total.

Each Level must be completed before doing the next level. After Modules 1, 2 and 3 there must be at least 30 hours practical experience with feedback before Emerald Training can be commenced.


You will receive a Tantra Massage/Initiation as part of your Training.
You receive a Certificate when you have completed each Module.
Every Ruby, Emerald and Diamond course is designed individually for you.
Skype and phone coaching and support:
* Ruby: one month Zoom/Skype or phone coaching after training and unlimited email support
* Emerald: three months Zoom/Skype or phone coaching after training and unlimited email support
* Diamond: six months Zoom/Skype or phone coaching after training and unlimited email support
* Membership benefits including Facebook Group pages and extra training and coaching.

More benefits in this free ebook.

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